Who We Are…


Madeline Carlton- Co-owner, H.O.T. Supervisor

She puts the “M” in M Carlton Construction. Madeline is the co-owner and founder of M Carlton Construction and it seems that the construction industry chose her more than she chose the construction industry. BUT, she wouldn’t have it any other way! “The evolution of this company absolutely blows my mind and I could have never imagined the way things have grown and changed since I started my little company from my dining room table. I think that is a really important aspect of having a successful company though. It’s rolling with the punches and seeing opportunity and taking it rather than being stuck in a vision of what you think things should be.”

Madeline is a DEQ Licensed Heating Oil Tank Supervisor and manages all of M Carlton Construction’s heating oil tank projects. She also oversees estimating, billing and administrative duties for the company.


Jonathan Carlton- Co-Owner

Jonathan graduated in the top of his class from OSU in 2010 with a degree in Construction Engineering Management. This was after spending 6 years in The United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer. His time of service included 2 deployments to Iraq, a humanitarian mission to Guatemala and an honorable discharge as a E6 Staff Sargent.

His vast experience in the residential and commercial construction industry is a huge asset to M Carlton Construction and we believe with his knowledge and expertise we can tackle any project!

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